Reception - Mrs Deighton & Mrs Williams-Moore

Welcome to Reception home learning. Below the pictures are links for home learning. We will set work for Maths, English and topic daily if your child is required to work from home. 

There are also some useful links for websites to support you and your child in their learning. 

Please find below your child's home learning activities for the week. The activities cover all aspects of learning for EYFS and follow the planning for class teachers. 

There are also work sheets linked under the planning to aid your child's learning. We are currently focusing on letter formation, identifying initial sounds and numbers to 10. 

Week Seven Home Learning 


Children should practise their letter formation daily, below are links to help with letters and today's activities for English. 

Letter formation PDF

Watch and listen to Funny Bones story: Funny Bones Video  


Funny Bones song ppt

Now you know the story of Funny Bones see if you can learn this song called 'I'm a Dog Skeleton.' 


Children should practise their number formation daily up to 10.

Number formation PDF

Repeating patterns ppt 

Have a look at the ppt again to remind yourself what repeating patterns are. 


Make a pattern PDF

Can you have a go making your own patterns with the different pictures?


Banana Banana Meatball video

Have a go at copying the song, you will remember it from class.



 Have a look at our collective worship this week, there are some fun activities that you can do over the half term too. 

Worship 2 Go Shining our Light - LESS COLOUR pdf

You can also finish off your day with some Yoga.

 Cosmic Kids Yoga

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