Mrs Holroyd's Home Learning Page


Welcome to the year 2 and 1 home learning page. 

Here you will find the resources you need to continue your learning at home if needed.

You will find activities for Maths, English and the foundation subjects that will follow what we would be doing in class.

We are now using these learning platforms alongside our home learning page to support your child with their learning at home. They will be able to access activities and videos that would replicate the input they would get when learning in school. Look out for the app logos to know when to use these platforms.

You will find your child's login details in their Reading Records.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Thank you

Mrs Holroyd


Pearson Science Bug | Tried and Tested | Teach Primary


Ways to keep yourself Happy and Healthy at home

January 2021 small

PSHE - Supermovers (Link) 

Maths - Supermovers (Link)

Cosmic Yoga - (Link)

Five finger breathing - (Link)

Children's mindfulness - Calm (Link)

Daily Uploading

Week Beginning- 18.01.21

Monday 18th January (Word) (PDF) 

Tuesday 19th January (Word) (PDF)  

The Industrial Revolution Powerpoint

Wednesday 20th January (Word) (PDF)

Thursday 21st January (Word) (PDF) 

3D Net shape resources (Cone, Cube,  Triangular prism,  Cylinder,  Square based pyramid,  Cuboid)

Friday 22nd January (Word) (PDF)


Week Beginning- 11.01.21

Monday 11th January (Word) (PDF)   

Tuesday 12th January (Word) (PDF)  

Wednesday 13th January  (Word)(PDF)  

Thursday 14th January (Word) (PDF)  

Friday 15th January (Word) (PDF)   



Remember to upload the work you complete on to Seesaw. 

Thank you Mrs Holroyd



If you would like to do some extra work on your Phonics you can look at the videos on Seesaw or  follow this link to view videos from the Ruth Miskin youtube channel: (Link)




Remember to upload the work you complete on to Seesaw. 

Thank you Mrs Holroyd


Extra Foundation Subjects

Week Beginning- 18.01.21

Spanish -  Numbers and colour song (Link)

Collective Worship -  Worship 2 Go Spring Snow (PDF)

P.E. - Get fit with Gonoodle Zumba (Link)

Art - Reflections -  

Music - Week 2 Click on launch 2 for your first music lesson 

PSHE -  (Word) (PDF)

Useful Websites



Twinkl -

Spelling shed -



Teach your monsters to read -

Oxford Owl -

Pobble -

Children's Library - 

World Stories - 


Twinkl -

Words for Life - 


White rose -

TT rock stars -

Twinkl -


Classroom secrets -

NRich -

Topmarks -



Twinkl -

Computing -

Scratch -



Twinkl -

Science Bug -



Twinkl -

BBC Bitesize -

World Geography Games-

National Geographic Kids-


Ordnance Survey-


P.E. / Brain Breaks

Supermovers -

Twinkl -

Go Noodle - 

Dance Parent -  

Funky Moves -   

Key Steps - 

Joe Wicks Workout - 



Twinkl -

History for Kids -

Horrible Histories -

BBC Bitesize (History)-

MR T does history-


DK find out-



Kahoot -

Edinburgh Zoo Live Cam -