Mrs Riley / Mrs Holroyd

Please find below a suggested home learning timetable to structure your day of learning!


You can find a Joe Wicks workout on Youtube starting daily at 9:00 am.


The link for this is


Your reading activity can be a book of your choice, you can find a wide range of books on the link below.


You can listen to a range of audio books here:





In today's science, we are using a website called "Explorify". We use this website in school and there are excellent science videos to watch on it. You will need to sign up with an email and password but you will not be asked to provide any more details, it is completely free.

The activity we are going to do is called "Thirsty work." Once you have signed up you can either search for this activity or click back on the link in the documents below and it will take you straight to the video that we will watch today. If you have any problems, just use science bug instead for this week.