School Development Projects


Multi Use Teaching Room


Over the past few months we have turned an old classroom in to a fantastic teaching room for science and technology. It comes kitted out with two state of the art ovens and hobs, all new cupboards and storage units, and a fantastic easy to clean floor.

Children will do a variety of activities in the new room, and we hope to incorporate the community in to this in the future.





 Infant Outdoor Area


The areas outside Miss Carty and Miss Riley's classes have seen a huge change. Friends of Christ Church have provided funds to renovate these previously hard to use areas in to safe, usable, and fun spaces for the children to play in and on. The equipment was specifically picked to help the children improve their balance, agility, co-ordination and strength.

The new has also helped increase the space the children have to play in at lunch time.

Keep checking in for updates and pictures of the children using it.