School Trips


Isle of Wight Day 1


Hello everyone!



We have had a very busy and tiring day. It was a long coach ride down to Portsmouth, but we really enjoyed HMS Victory. The weather on the ferry was lovely and we could see lots of ships. After tea at the hotel, we went to play on the beach and in a playground. We are sending you some pictures. Tomorrow we are going to Osbourne House.


We'll let you know how we get on.




Isle of Wight Day 2

Hi Everyone!

We have had a great day. We spent most of it at Queen Victoria's house called Osbourne House. We walked down to Swiss Cottage which was built for the Royal children. Tonight we went bowling and had a great time. We are going on the steam train tomorrow.


We will let you know how it goes.


Live. From the Isle of Wight




Isle of Wight Day 3

Hello everyone!



We have had a great day today even though there was a problem and we couldn't go on the steam train. Instead we went to the Needles where we made some great souvenirs in the sand shop. We also went on the chair lift so that we could see the different colours of sand on the cliffs. We all loved that! Then we went to Godshill Church where we found out about the history of this very old building. Next we went to the model village. We had a quiz challenge here which really made us think and look carefully. After dinner, we went to the theatre to see 'Fab'. We loved it but Mr. Moulton and Mr. Cain said it was too loud! We are sending you some great pictures from today. Tomorrow it is the zoo and the fossil hunt. We can't wait! 


Love from everyone in the Isle of Wight.


Isle of Wight Day 4

Hi everyone!

We have had a great day today. In the morning we went to the zoo and saw some fantastic animals, including lions, tigers, meerkats and lemurs. On the way to the fossil hunt we went through some heavy rain and we thought that we wouldn't be able to go on the beach, but by the time we got there the sun was shining! On the beach we found lots of crystals, some fossilised wood and. Other interesting rocks. We will bring some back to show you. This evening we are having a disco which is very loud. Mr. Cain is strutting his stuff and Mr. Moulton is avoiding it! We have a very early start in the morning to catch the ferry home. We have all had a fantastic week.


See you soon,


Everyone in the Isle of Wight