Following our children's personal development


Here at Christ Church we think it is important to follow the personal development of our children. 


To try new things

Finding something that we are good at builds confidence.

 To work hard

If we want to get really good at something there are no shortcuts.  Many children find it frustrating if they don't accomplish something immediately.  Therefore it is important to teach them it takes time and hard work to become really good at something.

To concentrate

It is really important to teach our children to concentrate especially with all the gaming technology that is available to them.

To push oneself

To be really successful children need to learn to push themselves and understand that it is OK fail sometimes at things because we learn from our mistakes.

To imagine

It is really important to encourage children to be involved in finding solutions to problems, asking questions and generating ideas.  To help children to be successful we need to help them to keep having ideas as they get older.

To improve

Successful people try to make good things great.  We can all make things a little bit better.  We can all take small steps to greatness.

To understand others

Listen to others point of view and be able to change behaviours to suit different situations.

To not give up

Successful people try again with the help of others, bounce back after disappointment and show a determination to keep going despite failures or set backs.