Here we have three classes taught by...

Miss Latimer - Year 1

Miss Finney - Year 1/2

Mrs. Williams-Moore - Year 2


In class, there will also be Miss Mullen, Miss Leeson & Miss Sedler.



Miss Latimer's Timetable


Miss Finney's Timetable


Mrs. Williams-Moore's Timetable


Our Topic This Term


This Autumn term, our topic will be 'Chadderton vs. The Arctic. Children will explore the surrounding area of their school in Chadderton and compare this to the icey cold living conditions of the Arctic!

Helpful resources!

Please find below some helpful resources that you may use with your child at home.


Year 1 & 2 Common Exception Words

These are words that cannot be sounded out phonetically and children need to be able to read and spell off by heart.


Phase 1 Sounds

Phase 2 Sounds

Phase 3 Sounds

Phase 4 Sounds

Phase 5 Sounds

These are phonics sound that your child will be learning in school to help them read and write. You could use these sound mats to play games at home such as snap or even have your child look for items around your home that have these sounds in them and ask them to write it down.


Precursive Letter Formation

This is a technique your child will be learning at school to help them move onto joined up writing as they get older. Each letter stars with a 'flick from the left'.

Times Tables

By the end of year 2, children should know their 2s, 5s, 10s and 3s. You could print these to use at home with your child. Likewise, remember to log into your child's TT Rockstars account and practice there!

Important Documents:

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Year 1/2 Yearly Overview Planning


All About Us


Songs/Videos That We Use