Year 1/2 - Photographs


Our Poppies

In class we have been making lots of different poppies using different materials. We began by making 3D poppies using paper. We also made them out of foam and created our own version of Flanders Field. Also on outdoor learning we have been making poppies using paper plates, paint and glitter.

Phase 2's Christmas Truce

In class we have been reading the Christmas Truce book. We made a story map and discussed the main parts of the story. We discussed how the characters would be feeling during different parts of the story. We then split into two teams; the British and the Germans and acted out the Christmas Truce. We began by singing 'Silent Night'. Then two members of our arm surrendered and shook hands before playing the game of football. 

Back in class we then wrote diary entries on what we had just acted out. Stay posted for images of our diary entries.  

Year 2's Money Lesson

This week in Maths, we have been learning all about money. We began by identifying the amount of the coins and then started to make different amounts. We have had so much fun learning all about money! 

Anderson Shelters

In class this week we have been looking at Anderson Shelters and why they were important during the war. We began by predicting what materials we thought would be suitable for building an Anderson Shelter. We then designed what we wanted them to look like. We had to think about if people would stay in them over night. We all then went into our outdoor learning area and built them using different materials such as paper, lego and wooden bricks. We then tested if they would be appropriate and decided that steel was the best option.

Space Afternoons

This week across the infants we have been going into different classrooms and learning new information about space. In the hall the children enjoyed learning a space dance. They had to think about how an astronaut would move on the moon and think about the different things they would see. In another room the children designed and created their own rocket using different materials such as paper, tissue paper, card and plastic. In another room the children took part in space role play where they took it in turns of booking trips to the moon and different planets. They also enjoyed watching space videos about the different things Tim Peake did whilst he was in space. The children really enjoyed a video of him playing ping pong with a ball of water. The children also got to taste some space food. They discussed how astronauts have to eat dry food as water will float in space. Finally the children made space pudding using angel delight and water. The children really enjoyed their learning in science and topic this week and have learnt lots of new and exciting information on space. 

Space Travel Agents

This week in Miss Mundy's class the children have enjoyed booking trips to different planets and the moon. They have been using their knowledge of the planets to tell people about the different things they can do on the moon. We will be creating our own planets next week in class to advertise in our travel agents. We will post their planets soon. 

Space Walking

This term we will be learning all about Earth and Space in class. This morning the children imagined they were astronauts and visited the moon. We then used what we had seen to think of some adjectives to describe the moon, stars and planets. 

Welcome to Phase 2's shop

The children in Phase 2 this week have been learning about money. In our outside learning environment we have set up a shop. The children spent time labeling the different items. They have also been taking it in turns of being the shop keeper and buying different items. The children have really enjoyed spending time in this learning area. 

Practical addition and subtraction 

In Phase 2 this week we have been looking at addition and subtraction. The children have also been going outside and independently answering some questions using our new big numicon pieces. 

World War 2 Visitor to Phase 2

Today in Phase 2 we have had a special visitor telling us about life in World War 2. He shared information about life in the trenches. He also showed us some war medals and newspaper articles about the war. The children really enjoyed being able to ask questions about world war 2. 

Measuring in Miss Mundy's class

This week in class we have been looking at measurement in cm's, meters, and grams. The children have been doing lots of practical activities such as measuring different equipment outside, measuring their friends arms and heads and then weighing different presents and ordering them.