Our school has weekly in service training for all staff with a particular focus on areas either relating to the School Development Plan, safeguarding, assessment and other training to ensure the continuous development of all staff. 

 Our training also offers a high quality programme that addresses  a  variety of skills, knowledge and understanding required, to succeed in this demanding, yet extremely rewarding profession. We provide a programme for NQTs and students that is shared with partner schools and those in our network. 



Metacognition Reading task 



Art and Design

Design and Technology

Religious Education



Metacognition and Self-Regulation 

Effective questionning in the classroom

Cognitive Science Approaches in the Primary Classroom 

Working scientifically in the primary classroom

Working Memory

Supporting children to decode

Early Years Literacy

Improving Literacy in  KS 1 

Improving Literacy in KS2

Reading for Pleasure 

DfE Research on Writing  

Poetry in Primary Schools

Writing in Primary Schools

OFSTED Mathematics research review  

Improving maths in Early Years and KS 1

Improving maths in KS 2 

Key Stage History

Art - using sketchbooks in the primary classroom

Engaging with Art