At Christ Church Primary School,  Design Technology is taught in all year groups through purposeful activities. Projects are often made cross curricular - linking to other subjects taught, ensuring that children see and understand the links. Key objectives within the Design Technology Curriculum are based on National Curriculum guidance. 


As members of the Design and Technology Association we have access to a variety of resources which are used to create exciting, meaningful learning experiences.  Projects are based on children's interests and topics studied.  Skills are developed progressively throughout their time at Christ Church. Knowledge and understanding for the subject is built on prior learning and intended to encourage their curiosity and enquiry while introducing them to the countless possibilities of innovation and creation. 

See the following websites to learn more about the kind of material we use to inform our school curriculum.


STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Maths)


Design and Technology  Long term Planning Overview  

This document shows how skills are taught progressively throughout school and how they build to ensure children are ready to apply them for their next stages in learning. 


Implementation - Project Cycle Overview

This document explains how Design and Technology is taught, through age appropriate projects that lend themselves to the knowledge understanding and skills being developed.


- - -  GALLERY - - -

Mrs Holroyd's class have been making delicious fruit salad with a selection of tropical fruits.

Cutting skills in action

Looks good enough to eat. So proud!

Careful cutting. Well done!

Mrs Butterworth's class found their sketchbooks useful when designing and making  keyrings.  

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