At Christ Church School we aim to create an ethos where children have respect for others, where they are encouraged, praised, find fairness, security, approval, acceptance and friendship, where every effort is made to cater for their individual needs.


This Church School is committed both to providing a high standard of education and also to sharing the Christian Faith in such ways that children recognise its worth.


This Church School aims to create a dynamic partnership between school, homes and local places of worship to promote active links with the wider community within and beyond the parish.


In educating the whole person this Christ Church School emphasises the spiritual development of all in the school community.


The school aims to ensure that the curriculum provides a Christian setting in which children can grow an understanding and acquire skills, attitudes and values in order to reach their full potential.


This Church School is distinguished by the support of its entire staff for its Christian foundation and ethos. We aim to show care and concern for each individual, in a school which looks at Christ for the basis of its existence.